Electrifying Haiti: THE PLAN

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The past few days we have been dedicating our time and energy towards the social entrepreneurship side of Sigora. This year we established a Haitian sister company of the U.S. Sigora Solar, who’s mission is to provide Haiti with access to reliable, clean and ethically priced electricity – regardless of income, and now it’s time to move forward with the first stage of our pilot project to electrify a clinic. With so much work already accomplished, sometimes it’s necessary to slow down and take the time to strategically develop your big picture, so we’ve been writing a sustainable business model and mapping out our 10 year plan of goals and milestones with help from Mountain High Media.

Thanks to all our customers for helping make this possible. Much of our revenue is being invested into bringing people electricity who simply do not have it, so cheers to you, Sigora customers – you’re helping to make this world a better one in so many ways.