First Light – Latest News from Haiti.

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Mole St. Nicolas – Pilot Project from Sigora Haiti on Vimeo.

A few years ago we had a dream of electrifying a clinic in Haiti.
That dream has turned into a full scale Green Utility project. By 2025 we plan to electrify 2 million people with clean, reliable and fairly priced energy through the power of the sun and a new pay-by-phone pre-payment technology we have developed. Our goal is not to be a charity but provide a sustainable social enterprise. At Sigora we value big dreams, but what we value more is execution on those dreams. The end of 2015 brought our first customer live online providing them electricity 24/7.

Since starting our pilot project in Mole St. Nicolas, Haiti on December 21 (over 2 canceled elections, Christmas, New Years, Haitian Independence Day and a carnival), we have built from scratch a grid with over 100 activated clients who are buying power.

Some of the clients served are
– 1 clinic that serves 10,000 people
– 1 TV station
– 1 Radio station
– 27 small commercial customers including a much loved ice-cream making operation

Why are we doing this?
Take 30 seconds and imagine what life would be like without electricity. We’ll wait.

There is no running water, no 21st century health care, no modern education, no internet and access to information, no persevering of food, no Netflix! The list goes on.

But why does it matter that there are 1.2 BILLION people without access to reliable energy? Actually for a number of very good reasons, but for us the most important is the potential for positive human innovation. What will we discover next? Where will we go? What amazing new thing will we do? What will we figure out?

Without access to energy and information we loose these opportunities. Among these 1.2 Billion people that have no access to electricity and the internet imagine how many of them could do things so amazing they change the course of humanity? The next Marie Curie could very well come from a small village in Haiti but without access to energy and information she certainly will not.

So why electrify the world? Because light, because refrigeration, because charcoal-less cooking, because deforestation, because health-care, because education, because development, because internet and information, because communication, because enterprise, because desalinated clean water, because positive human innovation and … because it’s 2016 and we absolutely can do this.