Post-Hurricane Matthew Update #1 – Power Restored in Mole Within 72hrs

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After landing on Haiti’s South peninsula and making its way across the gulf of La Gonave, Hurricane Matthew came within 75 miles of Mole-St-Nicolas on Tuesday as it veered toward Cuba on its way northward. Wind, rains, and a large storm surge pounded the coast, resulting in collapsed houses, downed trees, and widespread flooding. There have been no deaths or serious injuries in Mole however the property damage is extensive both in Mole as well as many of the surrounding towns in the Northwest.

In advance of the approaching storm, Sigora executed significant hurricane preparations to the grids in Mole and Presqu’île in order to limit potential damage. Fallen trees and debris did affect the high and low voltage lines resulting in interruption of service. In Presqu’île, a small fishing village with 50 homes, primarily fishing huts, many of the houses connected to the grid were destroyed.

Sigora’s team survived the storm unscathed, and neither our office nor any of our equipment was severely damaged. We have deployed staff and equipment to support emergency evacuations within the municipality, and are continuing to provide all possible support to our community.

Our Haitian lineman and technicians were able to restore full power to Mole within 72 hours of the storm. Our staff is also assisting a significant number of customers in Mole to complete essential repairs to homes damaged by the hurricane.

Our hearts go out to the dead, wounded, and displaced residents of the Southern peninsula who suffered a direct hit. We are committed to assisting in any way possible in the days and weeks to come.

Thank you for your thoughts. We will follow up with additional updates as the relief and reconstruction efforts proceed.

Sincerely, The Sigora Haiti Team