Post-Hurricane Update #6: Hurricane Relief Campaign Update – Oct 24

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As of 5pm on Monday October 24, we’ve raised $24,011 thanks to your generous support. That’s 500 families that will be able to stay dry, have access to clean water, and begin planting and planning for the future.

Thank you.

The situation demands action now, so we are not waiting until we reach our fundraising goal before getting underway. We started today.

  • This morning we dispatched a team to the southwest to collect the corrugated metal roofing sheets that will enable families to permanently repair their homes.
  • Meanwhile, in Port-au-Prince, our partners Ayiti Natives Co. are preparing the moringa tree agriculture kits. The Haitian-owned company is the premier producer of moringa products and has committed to buying back all the pod-yields brought to maturity as part of this campaign. What this means is that by planting this crop, families will have a guaranteed future income as well as a nutritious food staple.
  • 1,000,000 aquatabs (water purification) are on order and we will be taking delivery this week.

Your support could not be more timely. Since launching this campaign it has continued to rain every single day, causing severe flooding in areas already devastated by the hurricane. The video clip, shot on Friday, shows the severity of the flood in Cavaillon, a town just 30 miles from Marc, one of the three communities we are assisting.

Know that your support will make a very real difference in people’s lives.

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