Sigora Haiti features in ‘Empowering Haiti’ Mini-Doc

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Clean energy solutions do more than fight climate change – they change lives. These stories from Haiti prove it!

A new mini-documentary called “Empowering Haiti” — produced by Greentech Media’s Julia Pyper with support from the Ptarmigan Foundation — looks at how clean energy is providing many benefits to the country.

Julia visited our Mole St-Nicolas project in July 2016 and spent a week with Andy and our team. The film explores how Sigora’s microutility business model supports increased community ownership and long-term economic sustainability, key for successfully scaling green innovations in Haiti and beyond.

Watch the #EmpoweringHaiti documentary for personal accounts of how #cleanenergy is helping communities thrive and businesses prosper.


About ‘Empowering Haiti’ (originally appeared here):

Ratification of the Paris climate agreement marks a landmark global commitment to reducing carbon emissions. In the coming days, decision-makers from around the world will meet at the COP22 climate conference in Marrakech, Morocco to discuss the shift from setting goals to taking action. Governments are expected to mobilize billions of dollars to meet their climate action plans. The challenge for world leaders will be integrating climate change into a broader set of national priorities, such as economic growth, poverty reduction, healthcare and security. Experiences in Haiti show that there are ways to meet several of these aims at the same time.

It’s also a particularly important time to think about sustainable development in Haiti. On October 4, Hurricane Matthew devastated parts of the country, killing hundreds and leaving 1.4 million people in need of aid. There’s still an urgent demand for emergency response. But as Haiti begins to rebuild, there’s a broader discussion to be had about how best to rebuild the country — in a more environmentally and economically sustainable way.

“Empowering Haiti” seeks to spur that conversation.