Helping the people of Haiti tap the power of the sun.
Our mission is to power and empower communities in Haiti with clean, reliable, and fairly- priced energy. Our financeable micro-utility model scales electrification faster, cheaper, and more effectively than existing solutions. Our complete energy management system incorporates smart metering hardware, revenue and demand management software, remote monitoring capabilities, pre-paid (PAYG) mobile payments, and integrated anti-theft capabilities, all engineered for frontier markets. The result is reduced connection costs, 100% bill collection, and more efficient energy management.

Rapid Deployment – lighting up the last-mile faster

Design, development and construction is all performed in-house using an established international supply chain that enables Sigora to deploy quickly and get customers online fast.

Infrastructure Optimization – secure revenue collection

Pay-as-you-go and mobile integration enables 100% bill capture - compared to ~30-40% revenue collection achieved by the national utility (example from Haitian national utility: Electricity d’Haiti)

Ability to scale – versatility for rural/urban diversification

Modular design allows for configuration on every level from power type (single phase, split phase and three-phase) to communication method. All configurations are deployed on the same integrated monitoring and control infrastructure.

Môle-St-Nicolas, Northwest Department

Completed 2017
Môle-Saint-Nicolas (Haitian Creole: Mòlsennikola or Omòl) is a commune in the north-western coast of Haiti and the site where Christopher Columbus' first voyage to the Americas landed on December 6, 1492! Sigora developed, financed, and constructed the entirety of the 1,100 connection grid from the ground up, and connected its first customer in December of 2015.

Installed Capacity 200 kW diesel & 200 kW solar
Accounts 1,100
Customers 5,500
Distribution Lines 24 km

Preskil, Northwest Deparment

Completed 2016
Presqu’ile (Haitian Creole: Preskil) is small fishing community of around 200 people located across the bay more Mole St Nicolas.   The 2.7KwH solar and battery pico-grid provides each of the 51 households in this small village with 120V of electricity, enabling families to light their huts and charge their phones, while 11 street-lamps increase nighttime visibility, safety, and well-being.

Installed Capacity 2.7 kW solar & batteries
Accounts 50
Customers 250
Distribution Lines 1 km

Jean Rabel, Northwest Department

Under construction
Jean-Rabel (Haitian Creole: Jan Rabèl) is a commune located west of the city of Port-de-Paix and east of the city of the Môle-Saint-Nicolas Arrondissement, in the Nord-Ouest department of Haiti.   The 780kW Jean Rabel diesel micro-grid was taken over from the municipality by Sigora in 2017. After extensive rehabilitation by our team, the grid was activated on June 23rd 2017 and today counts 700 accounts with 2,000 more underway. When complete, the grid will provide 24/7 power to the town’s 13,500 residents.

Installed Capacity 660 kW diesel 125 kW diesel
Accounts 700 today (2,000 more underway)
Customers 3,500 today (10,000 more underway)
Distribution Lines 13 km

Bombardopolis, Northwest Department

Under construction
Bombardopolis (Haitian Creole: Bonbadopolis) is a commune located in the hilly country of the Môle-St-Nicolas Arrondissement, in the Nord-Ouest department of Haiti. When complete, the Bombardopolis micro-grid will service 1,5000 accounts and provide 24/7 power to the town’s 7,500 residents.

To learn more about Sigora's grid management system and proprietary prepay meter, visit Sigora International.

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