Energy beyond the grid

Combining patented anti-theft, internet broadcasting capabilities, and the most advanced IoT functionality available at an unmatched price point.

One US startup is making electrification a bankable business in frontier markets.

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Integrated Utility Management

Utilities get new markets. Communities get power. Investors get returns.
Meter Enclosure

Metering technology reimagined

By reimagining what a meter can do, Sigora is set to transform the business of electrifying off-grid communities by making it possible for utilities to build bankable grids in unconnected and underserved communities.

The operating system for sustainable micro-grids

Sigora’s technology offerings include proprietary smart meter hardware and a complete utility-management system backend. It’s easy to oversimplify the capabilities of a simple electric meter, but in reality Sigora’s payment system is offering the “operating system” for financeable micro-utility business models.

Sigora International’s proprietary prepaid metering technology allows utilities to easily and reliably collect revenue electronically -- overcoming a challenge that has long plagued electrification projects in developing nations. The technology also allows Sigora to monitor and control the grid remotely, and to scale up how much power customers can use over time, as more generation comes on-line.

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Sigora Smart Meter

Sigora International’s smart meters are designed for bringing power to the most challenging places on the planet and can be configured to support any type of user class from residential to industrial. Commercially available 2019.

Mobile-Enabled Pre-Pay

Customers can purchase energy from a registered vendor using cash, or directly via the platform using the mobile app, SMS, or online.

Local Vendor Enabled

Bulk energy sales to local vendors enables your company to easily integrate into any community.

Passive Anti-Theft

Real-time monitoring and analytics enable rapid theft detection, location identification, and remote disconnection for quick resolution of energy theft.

Wi-Fi Distribution

Meters contain a Wi-Fi Access Point capable of meshing with a town network to expand Internet access.

Demand Control

Software-regulated wattage ceilings can be set by installation site, rate plan, and individual customer

Tiered Power On

Meters have timed delays for powering on to protect grid infrastructure following a power outage.

Secure RF Communications

All power and transactional data is transmitted on a separate RF-based mesh network to ensure security and dependability.

Customizable Configurations

Meters support single phase, split phase, and three-phase configurations.

Cloud Connected

Backup and control your grid and financial data from anywhere in the world.

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