A specialty provider of microutility energy systems designed for frontier markets.

The Sigora green microutility is a unique approach for the environmentally and financially sustainable electrification of underserved communities.

We leverage our unique platform and broad experience in execution to rapidly install and scale interconnected clean energy microgrids – the microutility - in frontier markets.

Deploying specialized hardware, web-managed software, and simple pre-payment solutions specifically designed for frontier markets, Sigora can power anything from a small fishing village to a large city, all with the same technology. Sustainably.

To show you how important electricity is in the life of a country, let me define electricity for you this way: Electricity is life.

- Kalebe Verdieu, 44, Director of Electricité d'Haïti in Jérémie -

The Clean Energy Microutility


Solar and wind generation scaled & deployed for reduced construction and operational expenses.


“Cash Guaranteed” 24/7 electricity that is suitable for refrigeration, electrical cooking, and modern commercial appliances.


Fair pricing that reduces customers’ energy expenditures and generates profits for the microutility.


Sigora’s approach

Low-cost distributed power generation

Advancements in solar and wind technology provide a reliable, clean, and low-cost alternative to fluctuating centralized power generation. Meanwhile, collocated generation on a largescale unlocks greater economies of scale and more efficient management of the power system.

Affordable smart-metering hardware engineered for frontier markets

Sigora smart meters are designed to address the needs of a utility provider in an emerging energy market. We took a modular approach to the design, allowing for custom configuration on every level from power type (single phase, split phase and tri-phase) to communication method. In addition, the meters take theft prevention a step further, acting as a decoder for the power that comes into the device.

Robust revenue and demand management technology platform

Sigora’s remote monitoring control provides real time feedback and allows for full manual and automated control of individual meters that provides pre-paid mobile payment with demand control, real time analytics, and anti-theft capabilities.

Learn more about Sigora's proprietary smart meter and grid management technology.


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